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Cycling routes


Detva surrounding is suitable for hiking and biking. Five cycling routes run through Detva. "Area around Polana" is the first cycling route for mountain biking in Central Europe. It runs through the districts: Detva, Banská Bystrica, Brezno, Zvolen. The routes are suitable for both - the mountain and road bikes. They run mostly by roads 2nd and 3rd class or along forest roads with hard surface and there are over 400 km of marked routes around Poľana Mountain. More information:
Cykloklub Poľana is the most important promoter and implementer of activities and is also the organizer of the events focused on mountain cyklomarathon.

The list of official cycling routes passing Detva till 31st October 2006:

Route       Name of the Route                       Colour            Begining                           End                 km

012           Rudohorská Cycling Route         red                  Zvolen                               Košice             53
011           Hontianska Cycling Route           red                  Detva                                Zaježová          20
013           Novohradská Cycling Route       red                   Lom nad Rimavicou     Lučenec          72
5551         Way Arround Poľana                    green              Detva                                Detva             127
8552         Connection Piešť I. - Piešť II.     yellow              Piešť I.                             Piešť II.             4

Source: J. Ľupták, M. Lakota, Cykloklub Poľana DETVA, 2006

Author of Source: Ing. Ján Ľupták
Updated: 26th March 2012
Made up by: Anna Golianová, Town Hall Detva – Development Department
Translated by: Mgr. Bohuslav Ilavský

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