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Natural Aphitheater

Natural Amphitheater

Natural amphitheater in Detva is a cultural device of more than regional significance. It is the property of Detva Municipality and it belongs to the sights of Detva and the whole region. The stage of Detva amphitheater is one of the most interesting theaters in nature in Slovakia.
Use of the amphitheater is multipurpose, particularly for cultural and social activities. However, last time, it is used for tourism more and more.
The amphitheater is located just outside the urban and rural Detva town, in a site which is gate The amphitheater stageto hiking trails towards protected landscape Poľana. Surrounding of the amphitheater there is a valuable and interesting country. That makes this site as a green recreational area and a popular place for walks.
The current amphitheater was built in 1975 on the place of the original amphitheater. The planner - Ing. arch. William Gruska used original folk architecture of Podpoľanie villages and created a highly effective stage space. The stage provides wide dramaturgical and directorial possibilities.

             The amphitheater stage
              Photo: A. Ostrihoňová

The basic building material of the amphitheater made is wood. It is a material that harmonizes with the surrounding environment and in the past it has been the basis of folk architecture in this area. The amphitheater capacity is about 5,000 spectators.
Every year an international event - Folklore Festival underneath Poľana in Detva, Competition of draft horses and show “Podpolianske rozkazovačky” - performing of folk singers, dancers and bands in Podpoľanie Region takes place in here.
In the neighborhood of the amphitheater there is a summer swimming pool.

Made up by: PhDr. Anna Ostrihoňová
Translated by: Mgr. Bohuslav Ilavský

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