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Protected Landscape Area Poľana


Stratovolcano Polana (1458 meters above sea level) is a natural dominant feature in Podpoľanie Region. It is one of the largest extinct volcanos in Central Europe. In 1981 it became a protected area and in 1990 it was listed as a UNESCO Biosphere Reservation, currently with an area of 20,360 ha.

   Detva underneath Poľana
   Photo: A. Ostrihoňová

Stratovolcano was created 13 to 15 million years ago. The crater – caldera with a diameter of six kilometers is the result of volcanic activity and follow-up erosion lasting for a long time.
Part of the protected landscape area Poľana - Biosphere Reservation - is also protected hunting area for breeding and research of deer, which is also the protected base for smaller protected areas to better protect of rare habitats and animal communities.
For more information, visit the web site of Protected Landscape Area - Biosphere Reservation Poľana

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