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Rock Climbing

KALAMÁRKA - place of rest, trips and mountaineers´ destination in Podpoľanie

Kalamárka, one of the largest remnants of volcanic activity in Central Europe – stratovolcano Poľana.
Andesite rock plateau was included among natural heritage. Its walls, chimneys and towers exceeding to 10 m, are a popular place for mountaineers.
The former view of the Podpoľanie region on the rock plateau is covered by big trees nowadays. However, it is still the popular place for rest and walks because of its charm and unforgettable atmosphere.
You can get to Kalamárka by panel road from the Detva town - Stavanisko, passing through the protected area Horná Chrapková. It is known for its waterlogged or wetland meadows with rich flora and occurrence of some endangered plant species.
For more information about Biosphere Reserve Polana, which also includes a natural monument - Kalamárka, visit the web site of Protected Landscape Area - Biosphere Reservation Polana -

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Detva, 2010
Updated: 21st April 2011
Made up by: Anna Golianová, Town Hall - Development Department
Translated by: Mgr. Bohuslav Ilavský

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