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Terraced Fields


Podpoľanie Region was in the past mostly agrarian countryside. Part of the country on the slopes of Poľana there are hamlet settlements - scattered farmhouses surrounded by fields and meadows. Hamlet settlement is the unique type of settlements in Slovakia and nowadays it has also become a popular place for housing and rural tourism thanks to the silence and beautiful nature. The rugged landscape and the settlement of small farmers made the other characteristic feature of Podpoľanie Region - terraced fields.
They were created by gradual separation of outfields among other owners who used piles of stones to make the boundaries of their fields. Piles of stones were not only the boundaries of the fields but they also served as fertilization of the soil and they were also prevention against running-off the soil during the rainy season.

Terraced Fields

 Hamlet settlement in Podpoľanie Region
 Photo: Tourist Office in Detva

The most common types of terraced fields in Podpoľanie Region are liner and slab ones. They are the unique monuments of the past, well known historic landscape structures and cultural heritage.
Some of them survived until today. They are still managed and they create an unforgettable beautiful scene of the country. The colouring is changing with the seasons and depends on sown crops.

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Detva, 2010
Updated: 21st April 2011
Made up by: Anna Golianová, Detva Town Hall  – Development Department
Translated by: Mgr. Bohuslav Ilavský
Source: archive of municipality Detva – Development Department

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